One of the most important tasks that a Board of Directors has in the evaluation of and at times the search for a new chief executive.  Having been engaged in several high-level searches during my tenure as a CEO, as well as advising a number of Boards in their search processes, Gershenson Consulting, LLC can be your one-stop source for engaging your next Executive Director or CEO.

Gershenson Consulting, LLC is particularly well placed to meet this need in Houston.  With its extensive knowledge of the Houston non-profit scene, and a large network of colleagues, Gershenson Consulting, LLC will quickly and economically assist your Board in this most important task.

You can expect support in determining the traits that best suit your organization and clear guidance on the best way to build consensus on who should be your next leader or leaders.

Gershenson Consulting, LLC only accepts a limited number of CEO/ED searches each year, typically between four and six. Our goal is to give you a unique experience, with a focus on your particular needs and skill sets.

Gershenson Consulting, LCC is committed to providing excellent service well under market rates. Call to find out more 713-899-1980.